I need help with withdrawing money stuck on my account

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So I had a payment of 35$ from Sharecash, and as you guys see in the picture below it says "in process" and it's been like that for months, cause Payoneer can't send it to my bank account since it's less than 50$.
So I had this idea to get Payoneer to send me the money, and I want you guys to tell me if it'll work or not! Here's the idea:
I'm thinking of requesting a payment of 15$ from someone that I know, that way that 15$ will be added to the 35$, which will now equal 50$. And now I'll have 50$ on my account (instead of 35$), so Payoneer will now be able to send me the money since it's now above the withdrawal limit.
I would love to hear your feedback on this, and wether it'll work or not. Thanks.

This is the link to the picture: