A Payment Sent to You Is on Hold

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I am really disturbed regarding the emails you are sending to me and my clients (A Payment Sent to You Is on Hold).
Is their any specific reason to ask the client's for verifying the identity and asking for documentation?

Clients are paying from their Bank Cards. Asking them regarding the snapshots of their bank cards, ID cards, and Driving Licenses from all clients does not make any sense. No client is willing to show all of the said documents. Neither their banks are allowing them to do so. Neither is a normal practice worldwide. Although, banks warn their clients to keep safe your identity and do not disclose.

Moreover, the requirements asked from the clients are disturbing and even harassing as someone is paying the money from their Bank account then you keep it in your account for 7 days.

Once you get the money you have 3 to 4 days to check the money received and then you get it through. I fail to understand, the client is paying from their respective bank cards and only YOU have the details. If those details are legitimate details, that the only way that the money go through isn't it? Asking then for snapshots of their bank cards, ID cards, and Driving Licenses etc seems totally unnecessary, unjustifiable and even complex.

I am sorry to say that it is becoming difficult for me to carry on using your services as you seems to be harassing my Clients.

Today, I call your UK call centre. Agent handling the call said to me "Listen, there is no other way you must inform your client that if you pay through payoneer they might ask you for your ID and snapshot of your credit or debit card. If your client agreed then send them the payment request otherwise use any other service". I said to him, then there is no point of discussion and I disconnected the call.

I have been using your services since a long time, and I have taken big of amount money. At times, I have got good amount of money in my payoneer account but what I have got now...! nothing because I cant take money from client on Payoneer and none of existing client doesnt want to make payment through Payoneer.


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    I am facing the same issue now what to do