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Payment rejected by payoneer security department

EdianaEdiana Member Posts: 2
I tried to load $50.15 in my account but the payment was rejected. I already contacted the company who paid me, they will reisure the payment back to my payoneer account.
What can I do to slove this problem? I'm trying to reveice my payment for almost two months.

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  • sfqnissfqnis Member Posts: 9
    Same happened to me. is it server problem? @Will_Payoneer
  • EdianaEdiana Member Posts: 2
    > @Adam_Payoneer said:
    > Hi @Ediana, @sfqnis,
    > Not sure why this may have happened, but I recoommend you contact Payoneer support to see if your account is set up properly before sending the next payment in order to ensure it gets loaded to the account on the next transfer attempt.

    I already tried to contact them but I only recieve a automatic email. I really would like to talk with someone about this problem instead of a machine.
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