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Customer Service & Improving Service Time

Kerwane_1 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2017 in Ask The Community
I want to start of by saying that Customer Service is good... Sometimes. That word "sometimes" is unacceptable. The service needs to be GREAT all the time. I'm talking about being misinformed in particular. I find it very distasteful when I am provided information by one CSR about services that has been given to my employers which I copied and pasted to find out from another that the information is not entirely correct. I am then directed to a page where the correct information is being displayed. I am saying that if one CSR gives me a paying customer information it needs to be correct across the board not "sometimes". I now have the pleasure of explaining to my employers that I have been misinformed. Of course I am not happy and now I have to correct what has been done and have a longer waiting time....

Which brings me to my second opinion. Payoneer has been around too long to have to wait 8 days for an electronic check to be cleared as well as the waiting time to receive an ACH transfer. That needs to be improved. What is Payoneer doing about it? Also it's very stupid that if I'm given a check for services that I can't deposit it myself. Thats is very backward if you ask me. Whats the point in getting a check if i cant deposit it. I am very frustrated and telling me " I understand your frustration" is just getting me even more angry. IMPROVE YOUR SERVICES! This is not a post that was made with the intention for you too just look into. You guys need to improve your services now!! You have no idea how much customers and I speak for everyone that uses the service depend on you guys.
There seriously is need for change and it needs to be NOW!