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EUR and US Balance

So, I have a Payoneer debit card for over a year now. So far I have been only receiving payments in USD. However, somebody sent me 150 EUR just the other day. When I log in to check my balance I have the USD and the EUR balance that is now 150EUR.

I don't want to withdraw these 150EUR on an ATM, but I would like to use my debit card to pay with it. My question is can I use these money if I pay directly with my debit card. Let's say I go to the shop and I wanna pay using my Payoneer debit card, will I be able to use this EUR balance then?


  • Howard S
    Howard S Member Posts: 52 ✭✭

    Hello Aurora,

    I believe you have to order a card for your EUR balance as accounts cannot be shared with each other, so if you have 3 currencies, you have to have 3 cards or withdraw to bank for each account separately.


  • Sheedal
    Sheedal Member Posts: 32 ✭✭

    Nice Explanation howard,

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