Receiving payments from Amazon Associates as an Australian-based associate

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We live in Australia and receive US dollar cheques from Amazon (yes, cheques in this day and age!) which attracts delays and charges (and a trip to the bank!) It can also take six weeks to receive them - and sometimes we do not even receive them and have to have them reissued! We cannot for the life of us understand why Amazon Seller Central DOES pay us straight into our bank account in Australia but not Amazon Affiliates.

Anyhow, we came across Payoneer as we had heard that others in our same situation seemed to have found it to be a successful solution and we now set up an account, which was pretty painless.

But we note that in Amazon's information on paying associates it states that if the billing address for associates is outside the US they can only be paid by cheque.

My question therefore to anyone who is successfully using Payoneer in the same situation as us, am I being overly concerned about the "billing address" issue and should the Amazon now proceed to pay our earnings into Payoneer having now set payments to be by "Bank Deposit" ?

And is there the ability to provide a Payoneer "billing address" in the event this can indeed be an issue?

We are reluctant to contact Amazon about this as the Amazon support experience is one of the worst we have ever experienced - and we also do not them to raise any red flags needlessly.

We did previously send this to Payoneer as a support issue but received no reply.

Many thanks for any advice that can be offered.


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    Payoneer offers the possibility to collect payments from Amazon.
    We support currencies in USD, EUR and GPB to connect to Amazon in addition to some other for specific marketplaces. Which currency do you want to receive payments in?

    Once a payment is transferred to Payoneer you can access it through a card or transfer it to your local bank account, depending on the program you have.
    Please check out our blog for more information regarding how to receive payments from Amazon to Payoneer.

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    Hi Cristale

    Thank you for your reply.

    What I am really trying to find out is if I can set a Billing Address in Amazon Associates (not Amazon Seller Central) which is a Payoneer address, not our Australian address so that Amazon will not see that we have an Australian billing address and therefore will insist on posting us cheques.

    Or, based on your experience with customers in the same position as us, it won't be a problem, so long as we have the US bank account?

    I hope I am making myself clear.

    Many thanks!
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    You can register with your own private billing address, it doesn't matter.

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    Hello Bryanne,

    I'm in exactly the same situation as you and I'm wondering if you have found a suitable solution to get paid by Amazon Associates with an Australian address.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    You can register with your own private billing address, it doesn't matter. In order to be able to transfer your payments from Amazon you need to link the US payment details provided on your account to the Banking section of your Account with Amazon or directly apply for a Payoneer account through your online account with Amazon by choosing Payoneer as your Payment solution!