I can't withdraw my earnings from truelancer

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I pray somebody can help me with my problem. My name is Ibrahim and I am a writer on the truelancer platform. My problem is that I have earned some money but I can't withdraw it. Once I go to the withdrawal page, it asks that I should choose a withdrawal method between PayPal, Payoneer and bank withdrawal. I have a payoneer account and I have already added it to my profile on the site. My problem is that all the withdrawal options are not clickable. I don't know whether this problem is from payoneer or truelancer. I will be grateful if there is anybody that can advice me on what to do.
Thank you.
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    Hello Aziza,
    Thank you for the answer. I have already contacted their support but they are yet to respond. I only thought that there might be others that have gone through the same challenge so they can tell what they did. Once again, thank you.
    To get what you want, help others in getting what they want.
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