Your Payment Could Not Be Processed

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Hello Community,

I am facing an issue while sending a payment. I recieved a payment request of 30$. Now when i am paying it through ' Pay Now ' Button in the email via credit card - Everything i fill in it is done properly. My card is activated and valid - after i submit the payment, i recieve email saying that:

Dear A******* ************,
Our attempt to process your payment was declined by your card issuer. Please note that your card has not been charged for this payment.


You may resubmit your payment at any time. For further details, please contact your card issuer.

Thank you,The Payoneer Team

I have tried re-sending the payment. I did it for 4 times. But every time it is getting failed. Any solution ?

Note: Before creating a topic: I did search on this forum, blog, help section and everywhere where i could. But couldn't find any possible solution for this.
-> I found a topic here reported for the same issue. But the topic starter itself replied saying " solved with help of Payoneer team. It was problem in others account " - Which acutally doesn't guide me how can i resolve the issue.