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Card Blocked

jferdz Member Posts: 1

Regards to the whole Payoneer team and to the community in general, then I set forth my case.

It was for 2016 when I opened my account with Payoneer and requested my card which arrived days later with no problem, I activated and sent the documentation they asked for, my account was already active and functional, I just needed to transfer money which I did not do at that time, since then I have had my account inoperative, I have even changed the PIN on more than one occasion, all this in a period of approximately 9-12 months.

Now in 2017 I decide to use my Payoneer card because I am already generating the income that I planned to generate back then, so I decide to make my first transfer to Payoneer from my personal PayPal account (USD $ 100), then I try to make a payment online and I discover that my card has been blocked!

Contact the Payoneer support team and their response was very unsatisfactory and without explanation, they simply answered me with a "be patient and wait" and days later delete the question that I asked, this already happened in 2 occasions because I have been contacting them and notifying them my situation since July of this year, that is 2 months approximately to the date of this post.

As you may have noticed in the first part of this post, my card was unused for one year from its activation, this means that the annuity was not paid yet, in addition to that I have changed the PIN about 3 times.

What does Payoneer do to solve this problem? Nothing so far, nor gives a detailed explanation of what happens and why it happens, I have taken the liberty to analyze my case and reach this conclusion, Payoneer has not given me a satisfactory answer to my problem, being the most logical that they offer me a new card and collect the required expenses because I have sufficient funds and have complied with the legal documents they request.

2 months still no answer Payoneer!