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Bank account details verification

M_bah Member Posts: 4
Hi - I recently added 2 bank accounts, one that belongs to me and the other belongs to my friend and both got approved. 3 days ago, I withdrawn money to my friend's account. Since the money is quite huge, I contacted customer support to verify if the account is correct and if it is the one I linked since I can't see the full number on my end, but unfortunately, the customer support says that they can't see the full number either. And days have passed without having to know if the money have gone to the chosen account or not.

Based on Payoneer FAQ, I can only know the full number if I contacted the support center

My questions are :

How can I verify if the account matches the one I linked with payoneer?

When Payoneer approves a bank account, does it make sure that that account really belongs to that name and does not approve randomly?

If the payment is sent, Should I receive a notification from my bank provider that the withdrawal is processing and pending?? Otherwise, what is my withdrawal status?

Please give reach question it's time to answer as they are very important, and take the first paragraph into consideration as well.

Looking forward to hearing back from you because I'm very worried.

Thanks you.