Payoneer Please construct a Payment Module

I've been using Payoneer since 2013, it's working really great, I can receive all of my money from freelancing services, frequently use Payment Request. Recently I started a Website to sell my digital service and trying to integrate a Payment module. But Payoneer doesn't have a Payment module so far (like Paypal, checkout with Payoneer!), I don't know the inside or limitation but is not Payoneer need to consider this point? It'll make it more popular, bring more revenue and all the above we will be benefitted a lot.

I really hope we will get Payoneer as a payment gateway this year or you guys have no plan at all!!?
Appreciate an official confirmation. Thanks.


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    Hello and thank you for your feedback. This service is currently not available and we hope it will be in the future, however, in the meanwhile we can offer you many different options in order to receive your payment to your Payoneer account.

    Check out our blog to learn about the different ways you can receive payments through Payoneer. Let us know if you have additional questions.

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