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I couldn't link my Moreniche affiliate account to Payoneer

I already linked my Moreniche acct to Payoneer & I used to receive payment in the past. Now Moreniche changed their login URL and maybe some other things. As I log into my Moreniche back office, it is warning me to set up my payment options.

I go to the link and chose Payoneer. as I clicked on "already have an account" and entered my details, the message I got is "You can not connect Twist360(Moreniche) to this Payoneer account please apply for a new Payoneer account through Twist360 using a different email address"

Now this is the second time it is happening because I tried to connect my Teezily account and the system refused with the same message (about a year ago). I went a little further and tried to create a new account with a new email as the message suggests. after a series of emails to and fro, lastly after a month or so, support told me that I can't create second account as they do not allow people to have two accounts. Now I am confused. I wrote to support again but haven't heard from them.

It is my impression that maybe Payoneer allows only a specific number of companies to link to. I checked mine and have already linked 13 of my affiliate accounts. But I thought of decreasing them to 5 or 6 and try to link my Moreniche account again. But there is no way of disconnecting a once linked account. Any clue? Thanks in advance.