My account has been disabled but still associated to my fiverr account

nadishnadish Posts: 1Member

It's really unfortunate for me that my payoneer account was disabled due to some unknown reason. I didn't even get any email or notification regarding account disability. On asking, payoneer support person told me that my account has been disabled because something went against their TOS. What's that SOMETHING term means to them, god knows better.

Anyways, my payoneer account as connected with my fiverr account and now I'm unable to disassociate that disabled payoneer account from my fiverr account. I contacted fiverr for the same case and they advised me to contact payoneer support team.

Now can anyone here please help me to either review this issue and if my account was mistakenly deactivated, please reactivate me account or atleast disassociate my payoneer account from my fiverr account.

Thank you,

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