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AdamsolaAdamsola Member Posts: 1
I submitted my driver's license for verification after they rejected my voters card but ever since I Submitted the requested document I didn't hear any response from payoneer's customer support as regards my verification status.
May i know the reason I have not been reply ? And how can I check if my account is verified?


  • It may take several days for the approval department to verify the documents you provided. But if it takes to long you can submit a new message to the support team in order to have them verify your request.

  • FakrulFakrul Member Posts: 1
    Sorry,i not understand how to verify my request recive to my account...sorry my english very bad because i dont understand english speek....
  • Adam_PayoneerAdam_Payoneer Administrator Posts: 1,105 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Fakrul,

    If you do not understand the request you received in the email, reply to the email you received and ask the representative to translate it for you in your native language. It's important for Payoneer to know that it's users understand the requests and they will take steps to ensure you will receive support in your native language via email should you require it.

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.

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