Can Payoneer refund funds if freelancer fails to deliver?

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Am about to pay a freelancer who in turn is supposed to sell off his popular Facebook page to me, if i pay this freelancer and he in turns refuses to deliver the page to me, can Payoneer effect a refund?


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    This request will needs to be reviewed by the payment and the Chargeback department.

  • goodifbadgonegoodifbadgone Member Posts: 3
    same thing with me. we loss our time and money.
    freelancer refuse to refund our big amount of money.
    who can help hear.
    freelancer didn't reply our massages. just gone with our money.
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    To dispute a transaction that has been made through our services, you have to contact the support center; you can do so via email at, Chat, social media channel such as Facebook or Twitter by sending a private message or by phone at 1-646-658-3695.

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    yes we received mail from you.

    'Please note that at this point these payments will not be refunded. Please contact your service provider in order to solve this issue.'

    who is the service provider hear.

    the freelancer didn't replay our massages.
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    It is really difficult to point at the exact issue through the forum, it requires to take a look at your details and transactions to understand what happened and what can be done. We highly recommend you to contact the support to receive personal assistance.

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    yes i contacted the support .
    there is no solution.
    this is replay from support.

    "Our Chargebacks Team have already reviewed your request, and unfortunately we are unable to help dispute or refund these payments.

    Please review the Terms and Conditions of our Billing Service for more information (specifically sections 8 and 10)."
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