Does purchase refunds work without issues ?

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Last month i bought 2 Ed Sheeran tickets for his Seoul Concert, unfortunately the dude broke his arm and the concert is cancelled, I was just talking with the seller and he agreed to do a refund and he asked me about the method i want to use.

They said that the recommended method for them is to just send the money to the credit card i used to do the purchase in the first place, which is a Payoneer card, Am just wondering if this could work fine or not ?

cause i've been looking in the forum and seeing threads of people saying that the money wasn't received and other say he got billed for $101, etc..

Can anyone confirm the safety of this process please ?



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    Hi there,

    I recommend for this situation to directly contact Payoneer Support by clicking here. They will be able to assist you further with the refund in question.

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