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My account is Still blocked

i've send every details of my identity and all kinds of proof,but 4 days went still my account is not unlocked!
why this happend to me?o send a email again to support center but not get any solution till now.


  • PaladeRoxana
    PaladeRoxana Member Posts: 2
    Hello can someane from Payoneer can answer me , i email to Payoneer Support about my situation about my account has been banned. I forghet my login password and also my security answers i try it many time so my account now its banned . I realy need my account back to start over to work . Can someaone please take assist me ? I have all my identity to prove my identity. Thank you very much . //////// same problem here
  • prosperm
    prosperm Member Posts: 2
    I am in a similar scenario. Can anyone assist please!!
  • jaydineka
    jaydineka Member Posts: 2
    4 days have gone still my account is blocked. I mailed to Payoneer Support about my situation
    why did this happen please reply me?
  • belkovych
    belkovych Member Posts: 2
    Same here. I've blocked my account becouse forget secret question answer (how i've wrote it, but I know the word) .... and i'm still waiting for a reply from support...
  • seylynn
    seylynn Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2017
    Same scenario here. Uploaded the documents that they need and now the account is restricted.