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My account was hacked and all my money was stolen.

More then 3 weeks ago my account was hacked and all my money was stolen. Day by day I call to support service and every time hear template answer "wait and wait - we have nothing to say yet", I also wrote on official Payoneer page in FB, where they answered me again with a template response and then delete comments from other users. Honestly, your policy has already got me and I'm not very interested in the flaws in your security system. Still, I have a question: how someone can change the password without knowing security question answer? This question is rather rhetorical, because a person outside your system can not know this. I no longer ask why there was no request for an email about changing the password ... Now I'm not even interested in your investigations, which you have been doing for 3 weeks - I'm only interested in my money that was stolen !!!