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Withdrwal problem. Each month the same problems

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Every month occurs the same moment. When withdrawing money from the ATM. 2 of 5 that money is not given out, and copying them from my account occurs. Constantly. It never happened that all my transactions were 100% complete. There is such a problem that I try to cash out money, they are on the account, but it does not issue ATM, while it writes off from my account. The last time it was on October 16, 2017, about 100 dollars, and till no one has returned this money. Although I provided all the papers, numbers, times, and all for this. More than 2 weeks have passed, and I contacted 2 times with the support service, and still have not returned the money. I think that irresponsible in relation to the clients and client like me, who has been working with Payoneer for 3 years and receives about $ 1000 each month on his account. in Paypal this has never happened, my question was answered immediately and returns, if there were problems were returned within 2-3 days. Dear directors, it's looks like divorce for my money. Why you do not return the money, and this action takes so loooooong, when you knowing that I have not received them and you see it, and the numbers and all papers with a transaction that did not happen, the time and amounts, all you have. I sending this, return my money as soon as possible
With respect, Volyansky Sergey.


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    Hi there,

    I am sorry to hear about your frustration. In order for Payoneer to further assist you with this matter, contact Payoneer Support by clicking here.

    Also, be sure to check all your emails to make sure there is not an email from Payoneer requesting more documentation.

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