My card is block again!

Hi, I am new to Payoneer community, I am here for getting some help. The story began almost 9-10 days ago. I opened Payoneer account almost 1-1.5 years ago. I receive the transaction monthly basis from ThemeForest without facing any problem where I am working. But 9-10 days ago I got a message from Payoneer my card was blocked for some security purpose. Someone made a transaction and that was not me, that's why they block my card.

I contact with support center, they asked to order a new, they cant unlocked the old card. I told them it's emergency cause I got all my marketplace payment within 15-16 of the month. They suggest me to use DHL for getting the card in a fast way I agree with them and the sent the card. I spent $40 to get the card immediately. Also, the customer manager told me to I have to do nothing without activated the card. All of my funding source information will transfer atomically. After active the card, I got a payment from one of my clients. It takes 2 days to load. On 15th November I got 2 payment from ThemeForest from my 2 accounts. But it shows processing card load, cause I never experienced this thing before when I got payment from Envato. That's why I am going to customer support again, and this time they told me that I don't have any information on their system that's why my payment ins the question. I just shocked. After doing all of this and spent $40 to get the card immediately I am again facing this problem?

They told me to they need to verify my documents again and it is really disappointed. I have more than $2k in my account it stuck there. I sent the document yesterday and contact support to please clear the issue asap. I need urgent money that's why I spent $40 to get the card immediately. They told me they will contact me as but don't told me the duration when I get the message.

I just want to tell the Payoneer that this is not good to make your customer harassment like this. If you need more document I am ready to submit, but don't make us distribute by asking the document every time. Please make the account verified permanently. We work and we need our money to live our life. Please, it will be great if you solve this issue asap and unlock my card.

Note: I apologize to every one of my typing and grammar mistake

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