Travel A Lot With Payoneer

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I made a post and would be nice if you could help with that too.

I also want to ask about travelling alot
  • I travel alot, if I use my card the most in my country but want to take it with to travel, will I have a problem paying with many different currencies? Sometimes I pay with more than one currency a week, is this a problem?
  • Does payoneer protect my card in all countries and currencies from fraud? Is there a limit or restriction on what charges I can dispute?

Thank you.


  • matt.jess24matt.jess24 Member Posts: 12 ✭✭
    I know you can dispute a charge if it was not made by you. Since payoneer has cards all over the world I guess that it doesnt matter where you made the charge, but maybe you should ask with customer support to make sure.

    I have used the card in my recent trip to europe without any problems, I think it will be OK if you use it in many different currencies.
  • NoDpNoDp Member Posts: 5
    I'm going to Spain in 2 weeks and will stay for some months i have all my money in my Payoneer Mastercard.
    I never tried the card yet and will use it first time in Spain.

    I hope this will work out smooth if not i will be stuck there with €200. <img class=" />

    What is the best solution if i drop my Mastercard in Spain or get robbed?
    Maybe my Mother shall get an Payoneer Mastercard so i can send her money from my Payoneer and she can send to my bank-account?

    I just have to say! I love the Payoneer card, great design!
    I think this will work out smooth! :P

    Have a nice day!
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