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21 Nov. 1017

Asalam O Alaikum Friends

I'm Mashood Ali and new in community.

A little issue. I received Payoneer Card. I don't find a way to deposit in this card just to get going. Visited my Bank AlHabib. but to no avail. UBL Wiz card's bad reviews' % is higher than the pleasant ones....! and its a week card too. If card stuck in ATM, its gone, a long process.

Friends, Black Friday is approaching on 25 Nov. 2017 and famous up-time holding Web hosting/Domain companies will discount some 70% to 98%. Why not avail the genuine chance for a year. As per reviews almost every desired person waits annually to buy authentic domain/web hosting cheaply. I'm just unable to launch my own new website yet. Web material, topic & content is ready, but no way to pay them.

Simply I need an offline Payoneer card holder in Karachi, whom I will pay 7000 Rs. & he will instantly deposit to my Payoneer Card. Somehow my relatives & friends have no idea what it is. Only 4 days left, will somebody cooperate.

I design Banners, logo etc. I'm a translator and a content writer too.

Thanks M Ali - Karachi


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    Hi there,

    Please note that the Payoneer card is designed to receive payments from your employer or a client. The loading of funds from ones private credit card or bank account to their Payoneer account is not supported. This is considered self-loading. Learn about our payment options by clicking here.

  • MashoodMashood Posts: 2Member
    :D OK Thanks a lot.
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