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Problem Doing Shopping With Payoneer Through Paypal

SMoKeR Member Posts: 2
For those of you who use the Payoneer card to make shoppings online, did you encounter any issues lately when trying to purchase through Paypal?

I'm trying to set up payment subscriptions (Pre-Approved Payments), but Paypal keeps rejecting my Payoneer card.

Every time I try to complete a transaction, PayPal gives an error and asks me to add a card to my account, even though I've already linked the Payoneer card to it.

I contacted PayPal's support, and they claim that since the card was not issued in my origin country, it's impossible to make payments with it.

I find that hard to believe, as I had no issues paying with the card up until two months ago.

Here's the strange thing tough...

With one-time payments, everything works normally.

The problem only occurs when trying to create payments for ongoing stuff like monthly subscriptions, recurring billing, etc..

And it doesn't matter who you're trying to buy from, if you're trying to create a recurring payment it will not go through.

Anyone knows why is this happening?


  • molabee
    molabee Member Posts: 5
    for me I cant seem to make any sort of payment with paypal!