Does Payoneer support Afghanistan or Pakistani banks with branches in Afghanistan?

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Hello Payoneer support,

I want to create Payoneer account but as I see Afghanistan is not there in the list under "Bank Country", could you please confirm whether Afghanistan is supported by Payoneer? but as there are some Pakistani banks which also have their banches in Afghanistan such as bank Alfalah, habib bank, National bank of paksitan so my quesiontion is Does Payoneer support Pakistani Banks with branches in Afghanistan?

any help will be highly appreciated


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    Hey @wasel

    If you are experiencing a problem with registering for a Payoneer Account from your local country, please contact the Payoneer support team to raise this issue with them

  • Mohibullah239712Mohibullah239712 Member Posts: 1
    How much is minimum withdrawal in once?
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    Hello, @Mohibullah239712

    Our account holders from Afghanistan can withdraw to a USD or EUR bank account in a different country only. We are sorry for this inconvenience. The minimum amount for withdrawing funds to a bank account is $1,000/€1,000 (depending on the currency of your bank account).

    Please contact us if you will have any additional questions

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    What is the problem in making deals with Afghan banks for withdrawing to Afghan banks? We have AIB bank who are payoneer in all the international transactions and deals, you may make discuss and make deals with them !
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    Hi, @wasel

    We are unfortunately unable to perform bank transfers to Afghanistan at the moment. Currently you can apply for an account and access your funds either by using a Payoneer card, either by withdrawing your earnings to a USD or EUR bank account in a different country. We do hope that the situation will change soon.

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