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Some questions about branded Payoneer cards (Airbnb, Fiverr, ect)

kezpay Member Posts: 1
Hello! As you can tell from the title, I have some questions about the Payoneer cards that you can get through these other partner platforms.

1) Is there some sort of centralized overview page where I can see what the fees and conditions are for all the different options?

2) Can these cards be used completely the same as a "standard" Payoneer card? Are there any limitations? Can I use such a card normally for websites other than just the one I got it through? Does that affect the fees?

Thanks in advance!


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    edited December 2017

    Hi, when signing up with Airbnb, Fiverr etc... you have the option to view the fees and conditions the company proposes before completing the registration, but there is no page to see all the conditions and fees for all the companies together.

    In regard to your second question, there are no limitions and the card can be used as a "standard" Payoneer card, it can be used for online purchases, in point of sales and at the ATM.