New Hope?

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Hello to all!


I'm really excited about trying out Payoneer. It sounds like a much-needed solution to a problem that has long plagued me from my early days attempting to make a few dollars online.


Although making $$ is not always easy, the biggest hurdle is often how to actually get your hands on the money once you have managed to earn a little. Most of the folks who pay are located in the US. If you are not a US resident/citizen, then your most likely solution is to receive a cheque by mail.


What then?


Well, you wait a week or two and your cheque will finally arrive. But don't get TOO happy! Your bank will make you wait another 3 or 4 weeks PLUS charge you a hefty service fee. In many cases, you may find your net earnings are so little that it makes what you're doing seem pointless. You would like to expand and put more time and effort into your business, but the obstacles seem unsurmountable.


It can be frustrating. One company I've been receiving cheques from for a few years now, has an online form for requesting direct deposit. Unfortunately, although my country of citizenship has a modern and well-developed banking system, it is not one of the small list of countries where they can directly deposit your funds by ACH.


So, when I came across Payoneer, I couldn't believe my eyes. I had resigned myself to waiting a month to get my cheques locally and had no expectation that I would find a viable solution in the near future that would simplify the whole process..


I am waiting to hear from Payoneer. I have submitted my application and have already sent a copy of my ID.


I am anxious to get started. Payoneer has given me new hope.


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    Thanks for posting, and for sharing your feedback!


    I'll follow up to make sure your application is reviewed as soon as possible ;)

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