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Payment Transfer From Fiverr

MAQ Member Posts: 1
Hello Friends
i am a new user of payoneer Account...
i don't know how can i transfer payment from fiverr to payoneer account and withdrawal from payoneer to my local bank account...

actually my friend tell me i cannot do any transaction till i receive master card and i will active my account from this card...

kindly guide me can i transfer payment without i receive my first master card and withdrawal payment from my local bank account...???

is my account active how can i confirm this...


  • Adam_Payoneer
    Adam_Payoneer Administrator Posts: 1,021 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @MAQ,

    It sounds like your friend set up his Payoneer account directly through Fiverr, which means that having an active card is required when withdrawing funds to your bank or disbursing the funds to other freelancers you work with.

    If you don't require the card, you can set up your Payoneer account directly from the Payoneer website.
    Once done, go to your Fiverr account to set up Payoneer as a payment withdraw option and choose to connect it with your existing Payoneer account. This will allow you to withdraw the funds to your bank at any time without requiring to have an active card to access the funds.

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.