I want to know when counter sending money to others payoneer cards reset?

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dear administrator,


i want to sending my balance to my friend, he has payoneer card, and active, i try to sending money 4 times and got warning 1 again i try to sent and failed my card will be locked. So i have question, when my counter to sending money between my account to my friend payoneer card's reset? and i get 5 times again before locked? thank you, i am new using payoneer


  • DavidDavid Member Posts: 3,193 ✭✭✭

    Please note that in order to process card to card transfers the partner for both cardholders must allow for these types of transfers. You can check if this is available to you by logging into your "My Account" page under "Withdrawal" you will see the "Transfer to another card" option.


    The card might be temporarily blocked if you continue to try processing this transfer, if this happens you can contact our support and they will assist you in re-activating it.

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