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My name is Moiz and I am from Pakistan. Like most of you over here, I have a payoneer mastercard. Now, when I applied for this card I found out about this thing called US Payment service. Applied for it and got accepted. Now I have a virtual US Account.


So What I've been trying to do is link my virtual US bank account with a paypal account to get verified and its not happening for me. First time I tried I got this error:


"We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date."


I tried after some days and it happened for me. Paypal then told me that they'll deposit two amounts in my account which I shall have to enter to finalize the verifying process.


I waited for like 4 days and received a message from paypal:


Dear Moiz Khan,

To confirm your bank account, we tried to make 2 deposits into your FIRST CENTURY BANK, N.A. X- account on Feb 11, 2013.
The money was returned, however, because your bank does not recognize this bank account number.
To fix this problem:
Contact your bank to double-check the account number
Log in to PayPal and click Link bank account.
Enter your bank account number and follow the instructions.


I thought I had made no mistake in copying the account number so I tried again, this time copy pasting the account number. Now it is still giving me the "Unable to process" message. However, when I turn on spotflux and then try to link it I get another error message saying that "this bank account is already listed in another paypal account" which I dont believe is possible. I tried to go into Profile>Money>and checked to see if a bank account was listed but there wasnt.


Now Ive realized that many of my Pakistani brothers are using payoneer service and are active on this forum. So, Im guessing that you guys have found a way. Please tell me what Im doing wrong and help me with it.


Thanks a lot!



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    Please private message me with the email associated with your Payoneer account for further details.

    Sign up for Payoneer and the US Payment Service

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