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Hello, dear Payoneer team!

Recently I tried to make a transfer to another Payoneer card, but due to the recipient card limits, it hasn't been approved (Rejected by Payoneer Security Department). I've got a letter, where I was promised, that my funds would be released within a few business days. The letter came on Feb 10. So a week has already passed, but still no funds are released. Could you please check it?


My payment request number is 5939945.
Transaction date: 02/08/2013 09:39.


I was to send this money urgently. But instead they have been blocked and I haven't enough money on my balance to try another method...




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    We actually didn't charge this amount to the card, the pending charge is only a pre-authorization hold. This was cancelled by Payoneer, however these holds can sometimes take up to 7 business days (from the original date) to be cleared with your card issuer.


    I've double checked to confirm that Payoneer did not complete the charge, and cancelled the pre-authorization hold on funds.

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    Nissim, thank you very much!

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    Glad I could help! Please keep me updated once the funds are reversed, and of course if you have additional questions feel free to post :)

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