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Wrong conversion

Anna_wwa Member Posts: 1
Hi guys,

I have a problem with conversion on my card.
Data: 12/15/2017 14:03 T8458260

Kwota w lokalnej walucie: [Zloty: 1978.8], Fx @0.279849
Suma do obciążenia: $687.78

According to all known laws of mathematics Payoneer should charge me about 553$. As you can see they charged 687$!
Anybody else having a problems like that?


  • @Anna_wwa

    It could be that the transaction was either a hotel, restaurant, or car rental. For such transactions, an additional 20%-25% of the original amount is often pre-authorized on top of the actual amount. If the amount pre-authorized is bigger than the actual transaction amount, the remaining funds may be held for several days before being released back.