What is Netspend doing? Can Payoneer follow?

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You know, I have seen many ads about the Netspend Debit Mastercard and how they have a program for all their card members to make money for free. Only flaw is they are only available in the US. Can and will Payonner even consider having a same or similar program since Payoneer has a much broader customer base than Netspend? Just a thought. I towuld be good for Payoneer to have a board for members to post their business and promote Payoneer as payment. What is your view?


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    Payoneer has two programs that allow you to promote our services and earn rewards.


    1) We have a Refer a Friend program, that rewards you with $25 for each new Payoneer cardholder that you refer. The cardholder you refer will also earn $25, so it's a $50 bonus overall.


    2) We also have a program that allows you to earn $100 for referring a new partner to Payoneer. This means that if you know a company that could benefit from making their payouts with Payoneer, you can refer them to us. If they end up signing on as a partner of ours, you will earn $100 to your Payoneer card. You can read more about that here.

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    The USD25 is available to us when our referrals get paid at least USD100. Does that mean ONLY when they are paid or can they make their own minimum USD100 deposit into their card and we still get USD25 and our referrals get the USD25 as an additional deposit on top of their own deposit?

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    The $100 requirement applies to all payments other than card to card transfers.


    They can fund the amount themselves, receive a payment via the US Payment Service, or receive a payment from one of our partners. Once the total amount received to the referral's account passes $100, you will both each earn a $25 referral reward.

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    Oh. and I thought the USD100 funded into the card either via payments or self-funding should be USD100 in one lump sum. Good thing I asked. So it is accumulative. Good to know..


    Another thing: I do not know my card number as yet so I can't activate it as yet. I was told that I will be expecting my card to arrive on the 18th March at the earliest. I will have to wait for my card to arrive and then activate it before I can deposit money or accept payments, I suppose?

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    Correct, it's cumulative.


    You will need to wait for the card to arrive before you activate it, however you can already begin to receive payments. They will be funded to your card automatically after you activate it.

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