Problems with been hacked @ payooner

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Dear Forum



My Girlfriend / Partner


Has had her payoneer account hacked and she is Not getting any help and has been pushed around and been helped by customer service or security department which will not speak to us 


i believe that there is a insider involved in this fraud , as after speaking with customer support 


the email she gets is from payoneer is from {Edit}


she has also asked that is it possible that me her boyfriend / partner can speak to payoneer on her behalf


and she has been denied this ,which in its self is illegal by payoneer , as the would have to speak with a lawyer if she appoint one 


we are waiting for conformation that the money will be returned and when but we have had little 


re assurance given to her 


please sort this mess out 


also the inside person has tried to trace the route of were she got the card odesk and the fraudster has tried to ask for another card , and also tried to order from imlive too


can you tell me what the problems or issues are , as it seems like you are happy with fraud and dont want to help the customer who has been screwed by breech of your secruity


LTK12129071114075X customer support


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    The e-mail address you mentioned is not an official Payoneer address - it's possible this is a phishing attempt. I will have a customer support supervisor contact the account holder as soon as possible.

  • opps LTK12129071114075X her is support ticket

  • no it was a response after she contacted customer support from the website she has the copy mail /chat

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    It's possible that our customer support team contacted you for an unrelated issue, but the e-mail you posted is not an official Payoneer e-mail. I removed it for security reasons.


    I highly suggest that you inform her to check and make sure her e-mail is not hacked or compromised in any way.


    Our main support e-mail is [email protected] For support in Russian, we have [email protected]


    Note that for both e-mails, you need to contact us through our web form:

  • i understand but its painful and very long winded and your company does not appear to be interested


    its also strange that while so its a inside fraud etc etc , 


    you Forum  here appears to have been hacked that why everyone is receiving spam

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    The forum has not been hacked, however all forums have spammers. If you see any spam on the forum, please report it and it will be removed.

    As for the issue above, we are very interested in resolving it as soon as possible, which is why I forwarded it to a customer support supervisor. We will follow up to assist you in any way we can.

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