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ClickBank to Payoneer linking issue?

aymanseif Member Posts: 1
Hi everyone, I'm facing a problem were the "bankcity" field which is needed by ClickBank for direct deposit (ACH) isn't provided by Payoneer from the Global Payment Service in their website. And I sent them an email, but they replied to something which is totally irrelevant.

Below is what I posted:-

"Hello there,
I live in Muscat, Oman. Since Payoneer and ClickBank are associated with linking the withdrawal between Payoneer and ClickBank, I have faced a problem where ClickBank asks for a "Bank City" while in Payoneer's Global Payment Service (ACH), the "Bank City" isn't provided. So I was wondering if you would be able to provide me the "Bank City" as it is the only thing which stops me from proceeding. I have sent pictures attachments. Thank you

Ayman Seif"

And here is what they replied:-

"Dear Ayman Seif,
The Global Payment Service allows Payoneer users to receive payments in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and CNH.

If you applied for a collection account in a new currency, please make sure that you have an approved bank account for withdrawing funds added to your Payoneer account.
In addition, we sometimes ask for further information before we can issue new collection account details. Please check your email to see if you received a request for further information.
If there is an issue with a specific payment, you can find the common reasons for a payment being declined in this article on our Support Center: Why was my payment declined?
Please note that the Global Payment Service and the withdrawal service are subject to availability."

As you can see it's totally irrelevant it looks like it was an automated reply.

So any help/solution from anyone who faced similar problem will be useful