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giraudofficial Member Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in Getting Started

I am planing to use Payoneer for my business , my company is corporated in usa but operates in Europe , so my use case is to create a SEPA account to receive money from my european clients in €.

The account will be a business account.

My first question is will i be able to use that € money balance that i receive from my customers in Europe in order to pay online services in europe using a payoneer debit mastercard ? also is it possible using direct debit sepa ?

If yes , what is the daily limitation of a business debit mastercard ? and how much are the fees for each payment ?

My second question, will i be able to withdraw that € money balance into a physical european sepa bank account (it will be € to €, so no conversion) because i have heard you only do withdraw between different currencies ?

My last question , will i be able to get the € money i receive from my customers via an european atm using payoneer debit Mastercard ?

Thank you.