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Big concern about security in Payoneer!

Hello there,
I have been using Payoneer for about one year now among other online money services.
I have been surprised that Payoneer is almost the only online bank that doesn't offer 2-factor authentication and doesn't allow using symbols in accounts password!! Which very highly compromises account security.

Days ago, my biggest fear came true when a friend of mine informed me that he discovered accidentally that his account was hacked and all the money was transferred to another Payoneer account!
He waited for over a week for Payoneer Support to solve the issue, but all they did was changing his account's email address and didn't even bother to mention the stolen money in their email!!

We are a large group of freelancers who are concerned about the security of our money in Payoneer. We would like to see Payoneer taking serious steps to protect our accounts against hacks and scam. At least by adding 2-factor authentication, and allow safer password combinations. And of course perform better in regaining stolen money in cases of hack.
Otherwise, we consider shifting to alternative service providers who care more about account security!


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    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for your response.
    1- As regarding the 2-factor authentication, I already deal with another provider that would require you to confirm a passcode sent to your mobile or email before you are able to proceed with transactions. So, even if someone gets manages to hack your account password, your credit is still safe, unless he gains access to your phone or email as well. This is the use of 2-factor authentication that I am aspiring to. If you could please send my suggestion to the team.
    2- Regarding allowing stronger passwords that are harder to guess, I think this is essential and easy to implement.
    3- Regarding handling cases when they arise, I appreciate the big words. But really that is not at all what I experienced with my friend's case, and with hundreds of reported cases online, some of which are reported here in your own community. I think it is time to admit there is a problem, and start taking strong actions towards it. It is there. That is not a secret, and everybody knows it, but you are the ones supposed change that.

    I will leave you with some examples of such cases, pretty similar to my friend's. (remove the space after https: as I am not allowed to post links)
    https: //
    https: //