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I have applied for Payoneer account for Odesk purposes. I want to know about my account approval. I was asked through email to withdraw earnings for further procedure. I have withdrew my balance at Odesk wallet on February 10th, 2013 and so far I have not received any e-mail relating to approval from Payoneer.


Further, I want to change my mailing address to receive my card. Can you please tell me the procedure for the same.




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    Thanks for posting. You should be receiving an update within the next 24-48 hours.

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    I did receive account approval mail from Payoneer today. I have just changed my mailing address by editing my profile. Can I be confirmed at what mailing address I will be receiving my card. I need my card on the new mailing address. 



  • sehleanmsehleanm Member Posts: 3

    hi there , i am an expert at werlive, sehleanm is my user there, you can check, perhaps this information can help you so that you approve my card faster, i really need to get payed from werlive... 

    Your reference number in our system is 2270488. 

    my full name is sahlean mihaela, email [email protected] please help!!!

    also i attached my licence diploma and a scanned copy of my id,

  • sehleanmsehleanm Member Posts: 3

    Hi there, my name is Sahelan Mihaela and I am waiting for 5 working days allready for my card aproval. Perhaps the next info will help speed up the process, i am an WeRlive expert, that is why i need Payoneer, in order to recvive payments from WeRlive, My  expert username there is saheleanm, the rest of the details are the same, the address, the name , etc, also , attached to this post you will find my licence diploma scanned copy and also a scanned copy of my id. Thanks in advance, i really need to get payed. kissess

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