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Card payment not verified - pending authorizations

Hello experts
First payoneer card use returned big rejection to me.
I'm not being negative as much as I want to solve this so we never occur such troubles again.
I transferred small amount to a family member using (world remit) my favorite online transfer service I'm using it every time transferring from my other cards.
This time, my payoneer card payment was cancelled as they were not able to verifi it, pleaee see attached copy of the email they sent to me.
When i checked my payoneer account, there i found all my transactions for the last 2 days are on hold under "pending authorizations" even the withdrawal i made from an ATM and my payment at the grocery shop is pending authorization.
- Why is this authorization is needed if it is ok with me to pay?
- why the card payment was Not verified at world remit?
- why card is rejected at many Gas-stations in Sweden?