Help in regards with my bank account

Bank account linked to my payoneer account is under my maiden name. Now my payoneer account is on my married name.

Will there be a problem in case i want to withdraw money from my payoneer to my bank? THANKS

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  • nanurneynanurney Posts: 6Member
    Anyone please enlighten me on this matter?
  • nanurneynanurney Posts: 6Member
    Thank you so much. Coz changing bank details is so much hassle here.
  • nanurneynanurney Posts: 6Member
    Hi, I dont know yet as this would be my first time to use payoneer. Thanks so much for the info. I wrote to the customer service but they take ages to answer and I really want to start using my payoneer soon.
  • nanurneynanurney Posts: 6Member
    The bank i linked here is BPI
  • nanurneynanurney Posts: 6Member
    Ive sent a message 3days ago to CS already regarding this matter but still I haven't gotten any SAD now!! I badly want to start using my payoneer. I couldn't find here the same situation as mine. Hoping someone would share their solution with the same case as mine.
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