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Will my money be automatically convert from Peso to Dollar if I pay from my bank account/debit card?

kenyamamoto Member Posts: 1
Hi! I just want to ask about Payoneer. I regularly send money international through Western Union (the country I'm sending to doesn't have Paypal). But sending US dollar through WU costs me a lot. I want to try Payoneer. I will send money to another country using my debit card through Payoneer. I will get funds from my bank account which is in Peso and pay on US dollar.

With Western Union, it's not only the Peso-Dollar exchange I have to consider but I also have to "buy" dollars so I could send dollars to another country (it costs me thousands of Pesos). Will that also be the case on Payoneer. Remember that I'm not going to use funds from Payoneer. I'm going to pay from my bank account and pay in Dollars. Will there also be a "buying" thing or it will just automatically convert from Peso to Dollar. I hope I'm making sense.


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    Hi, Self loading is not supported by our services, Payoneer is a payment solution that was created in order to assist freelancers and companies to receive crossborder payments from other companies located in United States, Europe, England and more. We also provide the option to receive payments from companies with which we work in partnership.