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Hello guys,

I have used my card for online payment for the 1st time and haven't received a single notification via email or sms (still sitting in Pending authorization).

Is this normal or I haven't enabled this in Settings? Tried searching for an option but no luck. If it is not enabled by default I believe it poses a serious security issue

Thanks in advance

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  • Kizaru
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    Maybe my question is confusing I'll try to rephrase it:

    Is it normal not to receive any notification (via Email or SMS) after a successful online transaction using Payoneer's Mastercard?
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    Hi, we do not offer this service for now but we hope it will be available in the future.

  • Kizaru
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    You get an email notification about minor changes to your profile information and promotions but no notification when a hacker potentially wipes all your money from your account? Well done Payoneer wow
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  • Mustapha
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    I, too, strongly believe that notifications be received when a purchase or an ATM withdrawal are made. This is of utmost importance regarding account security and should be dealt with accordingly and as soon as possible.
    I read somewhere that Payoneer was working on it, but it's been an eternity since this was announced and I still need to check my account regularly in order to verify my transactions.
    Since most transactions of this nature appear almost immediately on the account, I wonder what is challenging in sending an automatic email about it, and what's taking it this long to implement.
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    Hi there! I don't receive sms two factor authentication code on my phone. I wrote support many time but they didn't answer me. How can I turn off 2 factor authentication or get sms code?
    I can't login my account
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    @ttdos For security reasons, there are things we cannot disclose here in the forum. Please reach out to our support team directly so they can verify your details and further assist you

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    This is still a work in progress, I guess. My card has been cloned twice now, and I only learned about these events thanks to the fact that I check my transactions manually every week.
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