Password Reset Mail problem

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I am trying to reset my password but I don't get any e-mail from payoneer.


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    AlyMurtaza> @AlyMurtaza said:
    > Hello,
    > My account has been locked due to verification problem. Now the problem is that it's been more than 7 days now. With no luck and no response to even my single email. I sent them all the verification documents that they requested. I have a good amount stuck in the account. I'm really looking for help. But not getting proper response even on live chat all they say is team is working on it. You will get the response in few days but no proper response.
    > Regards,
    > Ali Murtaza

    have your account unlocked? If Yes, then after how much day?

    I am going through the same issue. I forgot security answers and after 3 unsuccessful attempts, account got locked.

    Please, anybody suggest me solution.
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    My account has been loked plz help me
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    If your account got locked, you need to contact Payoneer customer care, they will be able to assist you regaining access to your account.

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    I have tried to reset password though "forgot my password" link many times. It shows me success message that email has been sent with password reset instructions. But I do not receive any email on my infotpot @ my gmail ID.

    I have checked SPAM folder as well. Although I used to get email previously from Payoneer, and even Support Ticket emails are also coming in inbox. But password reset email is not received. I think there is some problem going on in Payoneer auto password reset generation system.

    My support ticket Reference Number is : 170712-003681

    I need to reset my password. 2 days gone, not reply yet. So can any one comment how many days should it take ?
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    It's the same I have. 2 days they are off. Let's do anything. Please support say anything!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That makes for sure that they have some serious bug in auto email generation for password reset.
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    @aliravian said:
    That makes for sure that they have some serious bug in auto email generation for password reset.

    I don't know actually, but they are talking nothing about it. It is not seriously from they side

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    I will call them later and get them

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    I have same problem here guys. Have you solved yours?
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    > @Cortez said:
    > I have same problem here guys. Have you solved yours?

    ME TOO
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    Hi Payoneer

    I am trying to reset my password but the phonenumber is wrong and I am not getting any reset email in my inbox.

    So I have send 3 emails to your customer support but no reply!

    What should I do??
    Whats going on??
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    I have exactly the same problem, haven't received email to reset. The phone# is wrong.
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    3 days ado, I tried to login into my account and I faced account disabled issue. I contacted support through call but they told me that I have only 1 way to contact support that is email. I send them a message and in reply the told me that my account is disabled due to some security issue and some violation.

    As far as my all business activities, I examine, nothing was wrong. Everything was working within payoneer criteria.

    Also google have send me payment of adsense today in my global payment service for UK. and I already have some funds in my account.

    Anyone can help me what should I do now? The customer support is not helping me in anyway. I am the user of payoneer for 2 years.

    I really need this account to support my student carrier.

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    Same problem here. No reset mail arrives
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    I also do not get the email when i request reset pw.
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    Please be sure that the e-mail address is correct when you enter it. This usually happens because the e-mail address does not match with the Payoneer account.

    For other concerns on this, the best route to take is to contact customer support.

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