ATM did not dispense cash - amount still stuck - Conditional reversal!

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I went to withdraw my amount using my payoneer card on 2nd Feb 2018 from ATM in Pakistan. I made my first transaction and I got the amount, when I attempted for second transaction, the ATM showed GENERAL PROCESSING ERROR, and the ATM did not dispense cash. I thought it as a general error and came home thinking that the amount wouldn’t have been charged. On returning home, when I checked my card, both the transactions were charged instead of one. I immediately asked the people here at the Bank (associated with the ATM) and they said the issue is from payoneer. Being a customer, I contacted Payoneer for assistance. After frequent back and forth communication they sent me a cashback dispute form, which was immediately filled by me and sent. I was told to wait for 90 days almost for the reversal of amount. My payment was stuck just because of an error which was not even due to my mistake. To my surprise, instead of reassuring that my amount will be reverted as soon as possible, I have received an email that “IF YOU WON THE DISPUTE YOUR AMOUNT WILL BE REVERSED.”
Can anybody here guide what this “IF” is for? Is this some kind of lucky draw that I am participating in? My amount got stuck due to an error from Payoneer, and in addition to the prolong waiting that have been imposed on me, I am asked to play this LUCK-AND-WIN game, where I am entitled to get my amount back only IF I WIN???? What will happen to my amount in case I lose? This is total havoc and this statement of winning and losing is adding to my agony.
I hereby request you to kindly facilitate the reversal of my amount, as it has already been held by system WITHOUT MY FAULT and being a loyal customer it is my right to claim my stuck amount without worrying about winning or losing.


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    I also got the same issue and it was reversed automatically within 2 bussiness days to payoneer

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    The dispute process usually takes up to 90 days.
    The process is a form of customer protection that enable our institution to investigate such situations where a technical issues occur for example, and eventually refund the account. however, this process do require our chargeback department to first investigate.

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