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I heard a lot news about hacking MasterCard and Visa Card and i have a few question about security.


How the merchant withdraw payment from my card?

The merchant can access to my card and take a payment at any time why?

In Moneybookers we log in account and enter password to make a payment why in MasterCard there is no password?

If the merchant hacked or if the merchant take money from my card without my permission what can i do?


Thank you.


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    Hi Hassane,


    All valid and important questions. Merchants cannot simply charge funds to your card; each transaction requires that they confirm various details related to your card and account (which for security reasons I will not list here). In addition, Payoneer runs various security checks related to the merchant and spending patterns to try and determine if the charge is valid before we authorize it. In the rare event that your card is charged without your authorization, we will file a dispute on your behalf with MasterCard.


    MasterCard also takes a very serious role in preventing unauthorized charges, and is constantly monitoring all merchants who are charging their cards.

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    Thank you Nissim

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