I need to withdraw money from Adsense to Payoneer in UAE

Cassey312Cassey312 Posts: 2Member
Good day, I have a certain amount of money in my Adsense account, can I open a Payoneer account and add it on my Adsense as payment method?

I live in UAE, how will I then withdraw the physical cash in UAE from my Payoneer account if the above asked is possible?

Kindly advise the best way to go about? PS: I am considering this because of failed numerous requests for a PIN in Adsense, more than 3 times now the system won't allow me to request new pin.



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    Hi @Cassey312 , thank you for joining our forum! It is possible to receive payments from Google Adsence to Payoneer. Check out this page in order to verify how it can be done.

  • Cassey312Cassey312 Posts: 2Member
    @Cristale_Payoneer Thank you for your misleading information, I went on and opened the Payoneer account and after opening only to learn that its impossible to receive payments from Adsense in UAE, it is only possible if one has a USA account, I specified on my question that im in UAE so that means my account is also in UAE, Kindly give advice on things you are certain about next time.
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    No, what i meant is that you have the option to open an account and receive payments in USD for example and later on, transfer to your bank account in your local currency. Payoneer offers the option to receive payments in USD, EUR, UKPS, JPPS, CNPS, AUSPS and to then receive them to your local bank account.

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