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Freelancer with a few questions before opening an account

andrew_m Member Posts: 1
I'm a freelancer and I have a few questions regarding payoneer.
1- What's payoneer's policy on login and using the account with a VPN? Being a freelancer that's looking to be always on the move, I won't have a fixed connection and, as common sense tells, you shouldn't deal with any sensitive data when using unknown Wifi without protection, hence the VPN. Since being on the go means that pretty much every wifi available will be unknown, using a VPN sounds like a good security measure, so I'd like to know whether this is allowed or not. (I'd be using a commercial VPN because I have no guarantee that a self hosted VPN at home would be available 100% of the time).
2- When I send an invoice for my client to pay, can I change the name that appear for the sender of the invoice? Can I use my commercial name instead of my real name? And what information about me does my client receive with the invoice and after they pay? Are they informed of my name, address, etc?
3- When a client pays an invoice using credit card, what will appear in his/her CC statement? Will show as a payment for Payoneer or will my name be attached to it somehow?

Thank you.