Normally when cj sends me checks i have to pay $40 for fedex fee's for my check to arrive .

Now lets say i let cj direct deposit an amount of $500 to my us payment service , how much % will be deducted of that amount ?
Or is that free ?

and lets say i want to take the 500 out of the atm in my country how much % will be taken by payoneer ?


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    For all payments received via the US Payment Service, we apply a load fee of 1%. So for a $500 payment, Payoneer would charge $5.


    We don't charge you a percentage per ATM withdrawal; though there is a flat fee for cash withdrawals. You can also make purchases online and in stores, free of charge. Note that when you make a purchase in a foreign currency, funds are converted from USD to your currency using rates of up to 3% above MasterCard's official exchange rates.


    You can view a complete list of fees by signing in to your My Account page and going to the "Tools" menu.

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