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money blocked for 1 year

seudindin Member Posts: 1
On 04 March 2017 I received a payment of 39.48. The status of this payment is: "UNDER PROCESSING". However, I never got access to this money.

I contacted the payer and they informed me that Payoneer only processed payments worth $ 50,00. I should complete this amount of 39.48 or get in touch with Payoneer support.

Support never responded to my messages. I chose to try to complete my balance. I received a payment of $ 20.00.

By my logic: 39.48 + 20.00 = 59.48. This would be enough for Payoneer to process the payment.

But there was a problem. The value of $ 20.00 went to my debit card balance! I now had $ 20,00 in debit card and the value of 39.48 continues with the status: "UNDER PROCESSING". I believed that these values would be added to each other. But this did not happen.

I believed the mistake had been mine. At the time of requesting my $ 20 payment I have 2 options: Send money to the debit card or send it to the bank. I thought I had chosen the first option.

Okay, I did a second try. I sent a new payment of $ 20 and I chose the BANK ACCOUNT option. However, to my unhappiness the balance went to the debit card again.

I got in contact with my payer support. I asked them if there was anything wrong with how they made payments. They informed me that they processed the payment correctly. I should get in touch with Payoneer.

I'm confused about this situation. I would like to know how I can gain access to the amount of 39.48 that have been stuck since the year 2017.

I know it's a confusing situation, but I hope to get clarification.


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    Thank you for contacting us! The amount of $39.48 you received on your account has been sent from a company that pays via Payoneer directly to your bank account. Generally, there is a minimum amount of $49.99 to reach from the same company in order for the funds to be automatically transferred to your local bank account. We suggest you directly contact our support center in order to verify what can be done to resolve that matter.