Payoneer is taking too Long in adding fund to account. Whats happening?

Hey Payoneer Team

Your website says It generally takes 2 days for credit card payment to reach account and 5 days for Echeck.

Now my U.S client sent me payment through Echeck and it took you 7 days for review/approval and then additional 5 days to reach my account. Thats total 12 days.

Having frustrated I requested my client to send me partial payment through his credit card although it charges 3 percent as fee which is higher than if it was sent 1% through echeck. But its frustrating again as my client sent the payment through his credit card on 5th March, 2018 and its 11th March you have still held the payment under review and even you approve now It would take additional 2 days to reach my account.

This is VERY VERY Frustrating. I have been using your service since 2010 and never face such issues before. But delaying is getting regular in my last couple of payments. This is not only me, my fellow freelancers also complained me same as they also are facing similar issues.

May we get an explanation??



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    > @Dan_Payoneer said:
    > Hi, the aim is to get the payments cleared as smoothly as possible. We wish to assure you that our teams are working around the clock to speed up the process, and increase the productivity of our service to all fellow freelancers who use us.

    Its now 7 days you are holding the payment made through credit card. I hope you understand, when I requested the payment though credit card but not regular US Echeck is just only to faster the process knowing I have to pay higher charges rate, I needed that fund urgently. I dont know about your assurance. But If you are facing issue in adding balance to my account, please do let me know or if there is any issue with client credit card which is very unlikely?? I have contacted your customer support twice (Reference Number: 180306-013422 and Reference Number: 180308-008165) and they assured me to reach the fund asap but I am not seeing the results.

    The payment ID I am talking about: Payment ID:69031191

    Let me know please.

  • ishuvonetishuvonet Member Posts: 4
    > @Dan_Payoneer said:
    > Hi, you should be updated soon.

    Hi Dan

    Looks like the issue is solved now! I can see status of both payment made by credit card and echeck showing "Processed". Thanks for your help.

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