I can not request payments from my clients

BathusaiBathusai Member Posts: 1
Why can not I create a payment request to my clients? I am freelancer and my clients pay me through this platform but now in my account I simply do not get the option to request payments. If I give the button request a payment redirects me to the login again can you fix my account?


  • barbanbarban Member Posts: 5
    I have the same problem. The chat said that there have been changes and now my type of business is not suitable for receiving payments from individual customers. It's fun, a pioneer!
  • barbanbarban Member Posts: 5
    I see that this service was turned off by the payment department. I apologize for the inconvenience. This was due to the fact that after checking your profile it turned out that we can not provide the "Request for payment" service for your type of business.
      I want to clarify that your account also supports the ability to receive payments from partner companies, as well as through Global Payment Service.
  • barbanbarban Member Posts: 5
    I want to add, that my type of business is 3d modeling for the jewelry industry. Previously, requests for payments were available and the money passed ..
  • barbanbarban Member Posts: 5
    I have several shops of 3d models on different sites, but there are also customers who want to pay for a custom job directly - without intermediaries. I will still receive this money, for example through Western Union or Western Bid, but you will lose them.

    On CG-trader there is an opportunity to receive fees through the Pioneer, but to me it is cheaper to withdraw across other payment service
  • feelfreedom2017feelfreedom2017 Member Posts: 1
    same problem. and the main question, why you had accepted one payment and hadn`t accepted similar? and now, without any notification, you`ve changed request payment option? there is no request payment option now
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